MyEP is an innovative web portal designed for service and customer care management.

If you sign up, in our free website you can:

  • Manage the calibration and repair of your instruments
  • Get information about the best possible use of the instrument
  • Find out promotions, events and special activities
  • Be assisted in delivery
  • Take advantage of our network of partners for any problem or necessity.

MyEP is the service fully and exclusively designed for our customers.

MyEP is a new web platform designed for the management of the instruments and represents a meeting point between the customer and us. Through this exclusive service we want to take care of all the aspects connected with the sales and after-sales of your instrument and of its correct performance. Register your tool with a click and let it become special.

MyEP is a portal designed for service and customer care management.

MyEP web portal uses a simple and user-friendly interface through which it is possible to manage all your instruments. You can easily monitor and schedule the renewal of the certifications, manage the request of repair, update the software and much more. In a couple of clicks you will be able to register your instruments in the website and visualise their status in real time, consult the documentation attached and trace their delivery.

MyEP manages calibration and repair activities of your instruments.

By registering your instruments in MyEP website, you will be able to request prompt offers about certification, calibration and service of your tools. Don’t risk to let your certifications expire, let us manage them. We will inform you in advance about the expiry date and relying on us, your instruments will be always updated, accredited and perfectly performing. All that to offer our customers a truly meaningful “Assistance”.

MyEP is the best guide to a proper use of the product.

Everything you need to know about your instruments is on MyEP. You can download from our portal the latest software update, consult technical documentation and have access to the links about video-training. That is not all, you can also read the latest news about the calibration and measurement industry, discover the different areas of business in which we operate and penetrate the technical aspects connected with the various applications.

MyEP keeps you informed about promotions, events and special activities.

MyEp is a direct channel to provide our customers with ad hoc support. In MyEp you can easily find out the latest promotions, different financial solutions for your purchase and be informed about events and training activities held by EP. We care about you.

MyEP is the best guide to the proper use of the product.

Rely on us for the management and maintenance of your instruments: they will be handled with care specially in the delicate phase of delivery. In fact MyEp offers the “EP Tool Case”, the more accurate and suitable packaging made on purpose to prevent your instrument from any possible damage caused by transportation. All deliveries are carried out by our trusted couriers and completely insured.